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With summer almost coming to an end, I felt it was time I shared my thoughts on one of my favorite purchases over the past few months. I found myself looking for a new handbag over the past few years ever since I needed something more fun in the summer sun. My research took me to a bag designed by Carmen Sol. The name was familiar and I knew a few of my friends had purchased some items from the store. I was excited to browse through the options and I found the Angelica Large Tote.

The bag had excellent quality but it wasn’t something that surprised me. I had come to expect a high-quality product before ordering it. There were a number of charm options that I could integrate with my bags like names of cities or other words. The straps of the bags were studded which for me was a deal breaker. The bag is also water and weatherproof. The bag was available in a wide variety of colors that included nude, baby-blue, white, grey, green, baby-yellow, olive-green, brown, dark blue, black, red, yellow, orange and fuchsia. The bag is made of a non-toxic PVC material which is good for the environment which made the purchase easier for me.

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This bag complimented so many of my outfits in the summer and I’m sure I’ll take it with me in the next season. I would recommend buying this bag if you need something new for your wardrobe and if you really like cute bags with customized charms. For me, the thing that really compelled me to buy this bag was the studded straps that look really great in all colors. If you want a stylish and sturdy bag for the new season, Carmen Sol’s Angelica Large Tote might be the bag for you.


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