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A Must Have Hair Spray!

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OMG! Where do I start from? I mean, I have spent countless years of my life cheerleading but never have I come across a hairspray that does what it claims to do. Numerous expensive ones, numerous cheap ones; canned large aerosol ones, and some pocket size one that I would have to spray in between practice and the actual day but none could beat the one I tried recently on my friend’s recommendation.

OneX50 is the hero, the savior, my batman, my wonder woman! I tried this amazing hairspray on my cousin’s recommendation- and I have to say I was stunned by its holding down power. I used it only once when I was styling my hair before an event, and my hair stayed in place for good 24 hours! I am honestly not making this up, but not even a single strand of hair moved from its place except for obviously the ones I had to loosen up when I went to bed. I know it would seem too good to be true but all you readers have to see for yourself before shrugging it off. In my opinion, this spray is going to take over all your girls’ bathrooms as an essential must have!

What truly makes it stand out is the fact that even though it keeps your hair in one place for an impressively long period, it still doesn’t tangle your hair! I mean can you believe it? I have never used a spray that would not leave my hair frizzy and tangled. I was mentally prepared for the same effect when I was about to shower but I barely had to exert any force the next morning I woke up, as the brush slid smoothly through my hair, all thanks to OneX50.

This is a must buy for all the lovely athletes out there!

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