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Make­Up Bag Essential: 24/7 Oil Control Blotting Tissues



If you have oily skin, and find yourself having an oily looking face throughout the day, then you’re about to discover the next best thing to have in your handbag, besides your iPhone. These Zon Cosmedix blotting tissues are there to tackle this problem, one sheet at a time.

These magical powered tissues control excess oil and keep your skin shine ­free while a powerful oil­ absorbing ingredient freshens your skin and eliminates shine. It’s as simple as that, and the non­comedogenic powder, from the tissues, blends with your existing make­up, smoothing unevenness without smudging.

I have quite oily skin and I’m always trying new blotting papers, but I recommend these, and the price is reasonable, considering they’re just going straight into the bin. I found that you can blot your whole face with just one tissue. Other brands I have tried, it can take up to three to do my whole face. So per piece, these are actually a really good deal!

Wanting to get your hands on some? Click here to view the Zon Cosmedix website.

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