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Have you heard of Lonvitalite?!

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Hey, beauties! After hearing so many positive reviews about the super-hydrating masks by Lonvitalite, I just couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on them (as they sounded really delicious too lol) and boy I’m glad I did!

Why Lonvitalite?

I absolutely adore sheet masks that hydrate and nourish supply the skin with the right essentials, and as far as Australian brands are concerned, Lonvitalite masks have certainly become my go-to products as a part of my bi-weekly cleansing routine. The brand offers a variety of products for the face, eyes, and lips with different ingredients for every skin purpose.


I got their Selfie Prep Kit which comprised of three different products (two for the face and one for the eyes) and I can safely say that each one of them gives its own magical touch, giving the skin all the nutrients it needs to glow. Let’s get started with the review:


Tired of all those wrinkles and fine lines? This mask is a must-have to get reduce and smoothening out all those lines while lifting and firming your face up. The mask moisturized my skin immensely in the first go, giving it a soft supple feel while also accelerating its metabolism after I used it regularly.

Best bit?

It’s made with pure plant collagen protein to replenish the skin with natural healthy ingredients and keep it youthful throughout. So it’s a definite win-win for me.


Can’t get enough of this one! Specially created to nourish and moisturize the skin from within, the masks come with a minor coconut fragrance, which isn’t bothersome at all and carries some generous quantity of serum too.


The combination of milk and coconut oil does wonders for my skin and balances it while penetrating into the layers deeply to keep it fresh especially when the weather is dry or flaky. Wash your face and place a sheet for 20 minutes. Rub the excess serum gently and your skin is ready to sparkle.


The moment I applied the 24k gold eye masks, I instantly felt something very cooling and soothing onto my skin. I placed the mask for 30 minutes and noticed that my skin had well absorbed the eye-serum and considerable minimization in my under-eye dark circles.

The hyaluronic acid ingredient is also great for reducing fine lines. The plus? You can wear the mask and still walk around.

Price of face sheets?

5 foil sachet masks for AU $ 42.00.

Price of eye sheets?

6 foil sachet masks for AU $35.00

Worth it? A BIG yes!

Have you tried any of these sheet masks by Lonvitalite? They ship worldwide! Do let us know your experiences!

To purchase, go to http://www.lonvitalite.com.au/




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