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Delray Beach Fashion Week Day 3 -Fashion is Forever!

Going to vacation soon and I am so excited to see what is the latest in resort wear. Check out my favorites!

First up are a couple of pieces from Blings ‘N Things! So fun and whimsical. The refreshing pattern of the lemons to the nautical vibe of the navy stripes is perfect for any Caribbean vacation! Love these looks.

My next pick is great for my next trip to Nicaragua! This look would be perfect for the surf culture at Rancho Santana. Go get it at Greenlines right on Atlantic Ave.

My absolute favs are from The Surf District Surf Shop! The black maxi is great for the beach but also a night out with your honey.

This bohemian look Kayla is wearing would be an outfit for a cruise vacay and then a day skating at the boardwalk! Again, this is from The Surf District Surf Shop.

Get both outfits at The Surf District Surf Shop located in the historic train station next to Bru’s Room.

My final favorite is the Neon Bohemian Collection by Amanda Perna! This look give’s a bit of a Prince Vibe and is oh so fun. Love the colors, flow, and it looks incredibly comfortable. Gotta get it for that yacht party or for that special birthday celebration.

Getting ready for the Swim and Surf Show of Delray Fashion Week. Stay Tuned for my review!