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What is Gwen Stefani Going to Wear?-My Pick!


Tonite is the 58th year for the Grammy’s and it is going to be a star studded award show! I am eager to see Gwen Stefani and see if she incorporates her rocker style with her Blake Shelton influence of country.

I on the other hand would go a different route and focus on Hollywood glam with this form fitting gown from The Mon Cheri Collection by Laine Berry.

With Gwen’s rockin’ bod, this dress would fit her like a glove. The color is unique as it is an eggplant color that has been big in the past but it still holds that red carpet va-voom. It’s not a typical color for this award show but Gwen doesn’t wear anything typical to any major event.

I would put Gwen in this just to be different with fun accessories, a nude matte lip, nude nails by Essie, and a nude strappy heel (red bottoms to be exact).

What do you think she will wear?

To find this look near you, go to: https://moncheribridals.com/collections/pageant-gowns/mon-cheri-collection-by-laine-berry/

The dress is called Olivia.

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