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Spero’s Sunflower-based Cheese Spread Melts in Your Mouth & Aid in Gut Health

Up-and-coming vegan dairy-alternative tech company Spero is making a name for themselves as their sunflower-based cheese products are gaining more and more recognition. We recently tried some of their cheese spreads, and we instantly fell in love with them. This company only uses vegan and environment-friendly products, but even dairy lovers have to agree that these cheese spreads and toppings are easy competitors. Here is our complete and honest review of Spero’s cream cheeses and cheese spreads:

First off, Spero’s Original Cream Cheese has an amazing taste. It is so delicious that you could eat it every single day and never grow tired of it. It melts as soon as you put it in your mouth and has a bold and rich taste that won’t make you miss the dairy version. This cheese is both creamy and easily spreadable–perfect for any way you may choose to use it.

Though, this is not to say it is an exact replica of dairy cream cheese. Some people find the Spero’s Sunflower Cream Cheese to have a bit of an odd taste, as well as a grainy texture. To us, those things don’t detract from the positives of the product. Ultimately, plant-based products are not going to be the same in taste and texture as dairy products because of the simple fact that they are made from entirely different ingredients.

One reason why vegan and plant-based products make for a great dairy-alternative is because plants are an excellent source of protein. It is a myth that only animal protein is good for health. Plant-based protein helps to build muscle and give you energy just as much as the protein derived from meat or animal products. If you are vegan, looking to reduce your animal consumption, or even just looking for dairy-free options, then Spero’s Cream Cheese is a great option for you to try.

Not only are Spero’s cheeses a great source of vegan protein, but they also provide a lot of other health benefits.  Because their recipes are simple and contain only real food ingredients, their cheeses are high in nutritional value. They ensure that all their cream cheese flavors and cheese spreads are full of gut-improving probiotics and antioxidants, as well as essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins.

Spero’s are also completely free of any additives or preservatives. Their Original Cream Cheese is wholly free from lactic acid, starch, processed oils, vegetable oil, glycerin, and starch. They even go one step farther to make it more allergen free by not including any soy, gluten, or nuts. 

These cream cheeses and cheese spreads do this by sunflowers being their main ingredient. Part of Spero’s reasoning for using such an innovative ingredient is that sunflowers use less water, land, and air to survive, which makes their toll on the environment far less than other dairy-alternative ingredients. This means by eating Spero’s cheese products, you will be doing the environment a favor.

While the health benefits and environmental positives of Spero’s products are high, one of our favorite things about these products are their packaging. Not only is the packaging cute, but it can be easily carried anywhere. It will neither spill nor spoil after opening. That is a huge bonus for those of us who take lunches on-the-go. Plus, these cheese-alternatives are very easy on the pockets with extremely fair pricing in addition to their abilities to last much longer than dairy products.

Lastly, Spero’s cream cheeses and cheese spreads are available in eight different flavors – all of which we can’t wait to try:

  1. The Herb Cream Cheese
  2. The Original Cream Cheese
  3. The Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese
  4. The Strawberry Cream Cheese
  5. The Pumpkin Cream Cheese
  6. The Smoked (Sunflower) Cheese Spread
  7. The Cheddar (Sunflower) Cheese Spread
  8. The Goat (Plant-Based Goat Cheese)

We love this variety because it opens the door for so many different recipes. You can use the spreads to make salads, pasta, pizzas, wraps, French toast, burgers, and more. Or, you could simply put it on bread and enjoy it as your new go-to breakfast. This is one of the best alternative cheese options for football season, picnics, holidays, etc.

We loved Spero’s Original Cream Cheese because it is exactly what it claims to be. Give it a try, and we are sure you will love it, too!


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