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When I hear Amazonian I immediately think “strong”, “worthy” and that defines this palette for me. Having to buy different eyeshadow palettes to find colors that fit and that one can create a complete eye look with is exhausting, then I found the TARTE PRO TO GO, AMAZONIAN PALETTE, talk about my dream come through. This palette is nothing short of amazing. 

With this palette, you get a perfect mix of shimmer and matte. I use the matte shades for my crease and the shimmery shades for my lid. They are nicely pigmented, blend together beautifully and stay on throughout the day. You don’t need to add layers for it to pop, I use this on my bare lids. Although if you want it really bold, use an eyeshadow primer or base. The best thing about this palette is it’s not powdery, I get very minimal or no fallout during application.

This palette is perfect for any look, the texture of the eyeshadow is so smooth and creamy, it goes well on any skin tone and when blending this eyeshadow you won’t break a sweat, if you like to blend eyeshadows to look natural with no harsh lines like I do, you would appreciate this palette. Another thing to love about the palette is that it doesn’t crease or get oily after a few hours of wear. 

The staying power? Oh boy! I had this on for close to 10 hours and it didn’t even move, I felt like I had just applied it. If you have sensitive eyes and cannot wear eyeshadow, you need to try this. It won’t leave your eyelids swollen or red. I absolutely love this palette and not to forget, it smells yummy too. 

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