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The calming, botanically-based all over mist designed to hydrate the skin while imparting aromatherapeutic benefits of the “Unwind” essential oil blend from Arbonne is recommended for all skin types.

This product definitely does rejuvenate. It’s a spray mist that is perfect for calming, relaxing the body, and mind. Most evenings I use it as a light body spray as it helps calm my nerves and allows me to reflect. I think the herbal side of the scent stimulates me, and it smells so nice. The chamomile and ylang ylang contents really helps me to unwind after a busy day.

I spritz this on my pillow almost every night, and it has such a calming scent, it helps me fall asleep more quickly. I love using “Unwind” after a stressful day. With it’s soft hints of ylang ylang, it calms my frazzled nerves and puts me into a state of focused relaxation. The spray is a lightweight mist that is quickly absorbed, and the scent is sweet and is not overwhelming.

I sometimes spray a little around my room in place of burning a scented candle and the fragrance it gives is always light and pretty, a soothing and calming perfume. It’s a gentle scent with no overbearing tones, and the delicate nature of the ingredients means that it isn’t the sort of thing that would give you a headache.

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