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5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils In Your Everyday Life

The use of essential oils for everything from anxiety relief to cleaning has grown in popularity over the last decade, but the truth is that essential oils have been used for centuries. With the renewed attention that essential oils have received lately, many different products have hit the market — some better than others.

LaCura is one company that has emerged that has brought high-quality, immune-boosting oils to consumers who wish to enhance their daily lives with certified pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils. “Not all essential oils are the same,” says LaCura co-founder Liat Chiprut.

So, how does one who wishes to draw all of the benefits of essential oils start integrating oil into their everyday routine? The innovators behind LaCura help us with five suggestions:

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1. Cooking with essential oils

While some essential oil companies caution against ingesting the oils, Chiprut stresses that this could be a red flag. “Your essential oils should be so clean and pure that you would be able to eat them,” she clarifies. “If you can’t ingest them, then you shouldn’t be smelling them or putting them on your skin.”

Chiprut encourages people to not only ingest LaCura essential oils, but make tasty and healthy recipes with them. Single oils such as peppermint, oregano, orange, and rosemary can be excellent additions to everything from cookies to pasta dishes.

2. Cleaning with essential oils

Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties. LaCura bills their lemongrass essential oil as great for cleansing and clarifying one’s environment and other oils, such as eucalyptus and orange, make excellent cleaning companions.

Most surfaces in one’s home could be thoroughly cleaned using homemade cleaning products that include essential oils. To use essential oils in cleaning, just add your favorite oil to a soft cloth and use directly on the surface, or mix about 30 drops with ¼ cup of vinegar and 1 ¾ cups of water for a homemade cleaning solution.

3. Relieving pain with essential oils

People around the world have used essential oils to relieve pain for thousands of years. Through LaCura, Chiprut has led information sessions for people who have reported headaches or back pain and are concerned about long-term medication use.

The healing properties of essential oils are well-documented. Oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and oil blends with anti-inflammatory properties such as the LaCura A for Allergies can help ease sore muscles and help with swelling due to arthritis, physical injury, or even just after a hard workout.

4. Sleeping better with essential oils

LaCura offers single oils and special blends that aid specifically with sleep and relaxation. Any busy woman can tell you that falling into a deep, restful sleep at night (or during the rare nap time) can be a significant struggle.

“Lavender oil is often cited for its calming effects on stress and anxiety, as well as its potential to improve sleep quality,” Chiprut explains. “People can either ingest the oil or place the oil in a diffuser before bedtime to be lulled off to slumberland naturally and effectively.”

5. Boosting immunity with essential oils

LaCura is proud of the immune-boosting properties of its line of essential oils. “At LaCura, we work directly with clients and healthcare practitioners to help support optimal health with essential oils, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices,” says Chiprut.

One of their blends, the Spike Protein Toxin Detox, contains Pine Needle, Star Anise, Rosemary, Ginger, Carrot Seed, and Lemon. The blend is designed to “reduce the entrance of the Protein into the cell, inhibit the attachment to the receptors, balance the immune system, and detox the lungs.” With issues many people have had throughout the Covid pandemic, a boost to the immune system could be a welcomed benefit for many.

LaCura is focused on the health and wellness benefits of essential oils. The company believes strongly that education and support will allow people to discover what essential oils can do for them.

Many aspects of our everyday lives can be enhanced with essential oils. LaCura is on a mission to inspire people to take back their health, wellness, and even their sleep with their high quality products.


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