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Why am I so tired even after a good night’s sleep?

Daytime sleep, mature woman sleeping on bed

The answer? You aren’t getting a perfect night’s sleep.

The average American gets the “perfect” night’s sleep only 132 times per year, according to new research.

And while perfection may not always be attainable, a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults revealed that Americans average 120 “good” sleeps per year.

Daytime sleep, mature woman sleeping on bed Why am I so tired even after a good night's sleep?

This means the remaining 113 nights are lost to “bad” sleep or ones that resulted in staying awake all night.

This may be because the average American goes to sleep feeling stressed or anxious three days each week.

In fact, this stress is so all-consuming that it keeps respondents awake for an additional three hours after their intended bedtime. Unfortunately, staying awake three hours after their bedtime is also the cut-off for when they know their next day will be negatively impacted.

To that same tune, almost two-thirds (65%) agree that a bad night’s sleep is enough to ruin the following day.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Cornbread Hemp, results revealed that anxiety forces respondents to look at their phone (59%), eat snacks (49%) and stare at the ceiling (39%) instead of sleeping.

But what exactly are they stressing so much about? Almost three in five (58%) are plagued by concerns about their physical health, followed by the tasks they have to do the next day (56%) and mental health concerns (51%).

Regardless of specific stressors, 48% are equally likely to stress about situations that are already happening as much as they are to stress about hypothetical ones.

Respondents have tried reading (44%), warm milk (42%), CBD (37%) and melatonin (29%) to try and help themselves fall asleep and only 28% found the method they used most often to be “very effective”.

“Americans are waking up stressed three times a week on average, which is why it is so important to find natural, healthy ways to cope and feel better”, says Eric Zipperle, CEO of Cornbread Hemp. “Plant-based alternatives made from cannabis, with up to 2 mg of THC per serving, can offer relief and a goodnight’s rest.”

Results also revealed that the average American experiences four panic attacks each year.

Stress has also forced them to miss work (43%), meals with family and friends (41%), weddings (40%) and birthday parties (39%).

Others missed holiday gatherings (31%), concerts (20%) and even their child’s events like a recital or game (11%).

In 2023 alone, Americans missed an average of nine different events due to stress and anxiety.

In order to deal with their stress, respondents mediate (50%), meet with a therapist or counselor (43%) or take CBD (40%).

Some engage in retail therapy and shop online (32%) or in stores (22%), while others are productive and exercise (31%) or even clean (17%).

But if given the opportunity to get a “perfect” night’s sleep, free of stress every single day for a year, respondents would be willing to give up their WiFi (48%), their bed (43%) and indoor plumbing (41%).

“Melatonin and other sleep aids can come with many negative side effects, including morning grogginess,” added Zipperle. “The data from our study further confirms that melatonin may not be the most effective form of sleep support for most consumers.”

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