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Which Mascara Color to Wear Based on Eye Color

From L'Oreal Paris

A sweep of mascara can take your eyes from bare to dazzling. But with so many mascara shades available, from classic black to vivid blues, selecting the optimal hue for your unique eye color can seem baffling. The key is understanding how different pigments interact to either complement or contrast your natural tones. By choosing the most flattering shades, you allow your gorgeous eyes to mesmerize.

This guide breaks down the ideal mascara colors for making each eye shade shine:

Mascara for Warm Brown Eyes

For those blessed with rich brown eyes, shades that intensify the warm, toasted tones tend to be most becoming. The darling option that flatters virtually all warm brown eyes is an inky, blackened plum mascara. The touch of dark purple adds dimension while the black deepens. By echoing the depth rather than covering it, this color combination makes warm brown eyes smolder.

L’Oreal Paris offers their popular Voluminous Original Mascara in Deep Violet to play up brown beautifully. If you desire definition with slightly softer drama, brownish-black and black-brown mascaras also accentuate by skirting overt harshness.

Brown Eyes with Purple Mascara
From Judi Marash Kallio on Pinterest

CoverGirl offers their standard Full Lash Bloom Mascara in soft black brown. Those formulas infuse brown eyes with bedroom intrigue. For lighter looks, chocolate or coffee-colored mascaras warm up brown eyes by enhancing their gilded glow.

L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Deep Violet - Which Mascara Color to Wear Based on Eye Color

Mascara for Cool Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed beauties will likely find that brown mascaras make their eye color pop most pleasantly. By choosing tones adjacent on the color spectrum, browns contrast just enough while echoing blue’s cool essence.

An ultra-flattering choice is a blackened brown mascara for blue eyes. L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes combines the intensifying effect of black with brown’s harmonizing hue. Their deep brown offering also delivers. For brighter blue eyes, warmer brown shades like espresso and chocolate provide lovely highlighting.

From L'Oreal Paris
From L’Oreal Paris

On the more daring side, cobolt blue mascara applied lightly could make baby blues dazzle. Just take care not to appear overly theatrical. When staying close to the hues found in earth and sky, blue optics gleam their brightest.

L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Cobalt Blue  Which Mascara Color to Wear Based on Eye Color

Mascara for Sensational Green Eyes

Vibrant green eyes really captivate, amplified with pure, intense black mascara. By picking this darkest option, the lightness of green is highlighted by contrast. (I love wearing the blackest black I can find.) I’m wearing the Tarte Maneater mascara in this photo.

IMG 3657

For pale jade or emerald eyes, rich black mascara makes them pierce. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume applies smoothly in the perfect ebony.

For hazel green eyes with speckles of brown and gold, an espresso or charcoal brown mascara strikes balance. Dark enough for depth yet soft enough to let green sparkle through.

Those with olive skin tones can even sample shades of plum or eggplant mascara to harmonize. But steer clear of orange or red hues that could potentially clash with the coolness of green. When green eyes stand out with proper mascara, their rarity is spellbinding.

Mascara for Lovely Hazel Eyes

The beauty of hazel eyes lies in their unique convergence of contrasting flecks of brown, green, gold and orange. Most often a black mascara applied with a light touch proves a faithful companion to hazel’s kaleidoscopic hues. By darkening and thickening without blocking, black mascara illuminates hazel’s decorative splendor.

Stay far away from colors like amethyst purple or navy blue that could potentially fight hazel’s warm golden tones. Espresso and brownish-black mascaras also flatter by echoing the brown aspect. For those wishing to emphasize hazel’s traces of emerald, an earthy green or hunter green mascara on the upper lashes can make them sensational subtly.

Ultimately no single mascara shade can harmonize with hazel perfectly, so lean on black to provide depth without a splash of color competing.

Application Approach by Eye Shape

Beyond tailoring mascara color, application approach should sync with your eye shape for optimal enhancement. Here’s a breakdown of techniques tailored to wide set, close set, round and almond eye shapes.

Wide Set Eyes
Those with eyes spaced far apart benefit from concentrating color on the inner corners. Sweep on intense pigment near tear ducts and the middle of the upper lash line. Let it fade as you brush outward to not extend eyes farther. Add lighter coats moving out. This gradates color for a pulling effect. For lower lashes, add mild color just on the outer half.

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Close Set Eyes
If eyes rest closely together, apply bolder mascara to the outer corners instead. Concentrate deeply pigmented formulas on the outer halves of upper and lower lashes, leaving inner corners more bare. The darker edges draw eyes outward for a widening effect. Also, brush more onto the upper and lower exterior corners rather than keeping them straight for a lifting effect.

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Almond Shaped Eyes
With almond eyes commonly considered the ideal shape, the traditional application works beautifully. Sweep mascara smoothly across upper lashes from base to tips. Heavily coat the full length of upper lashes while keeping lower lashes more muted. This plays up eyes for fullness without drooping.

Round Eyes
For those with large, rounded eyes, elongating and defining effects should take priority. Concentrate intense black pigment at the lash base and tips. Leave the middle section slightly lighter. This gradient intensity extends roundness vertically. Brush lower color centered under pupils instead of across fully. Contour along the crease with brown shadow as well for a lifting effect.


Pro Tips for Maximizing Mascara

  1. Curl lashes first for extra lift
  2. Apply a thin initial coat to deposit color and prevent clumping
  3. Let product partially dry after your first sweep
  4. Build mascara impact with 2-3 gentle additional layers
  5. Add lighter second coats to maintain separation
  6. Wiggle wand back and forth to catch every little lash
  7. Use both sides of the applicator to reach corners thoroughly
  8. Save lower lashes for after upper eyes are fully done
  9. Switch to waterproof mascara for events where crying or sweating is likely
  10. Give lash breaks between daily mascaras for health
  11. Remove gently with makeup remover before bed

By understanding both the hues and techniques that flatter your eye shape and color, it becomes much simpler to select that perfect tube of mascara. Don’t hesitate to sample shades outside your comfort zone, either. The prices of most drugstore mascaras today make experimentation fun and affordable! With these fundamentals in mind, allow your tailored mascara to mesmerize all who gaze upon your eyes.

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