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The Perfect Hairstyle for Every Bridesmaid

Bride surrounded by her girlfriends from behind

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is such an honor. You get to stand by your friend or family member’s side on their big day and support them as they take this huge step. As a bridesmaid, you want to look beautiful yet not overshadow the bride. Choosing the right hairstyle is key to achieving this. The hairstyle should complement your dress, jewelry, and makeup. Most importantly, it needs to make you feel confident and comfortable.

I’ve put together this ultimate guide on how to choose stunning, elegant hairstyles that will look gorgeous in photos and ensure all eyes stay on the bride. Whether you want an updo, down do, braids, curls, or something totally unique, you’ll find endless gorgeous inspiration ahead.

Bride surrounded by her girlfriends from behind

Match the Style of the Wedding

The first thing to consider when choosing bridesmaid hairstyles is the style or formality of the wedding. A fancy black-tie wedding calls for a more elegant hairstyle like a tidy bun or side-swept updo. Beach weddings are great for loose waves or pretty braids. Garden weddings can work well with loose curls or a half up style.

Once you know the formality and venue, you can narrow down what styles will suit the event best. The bride may also request the bridesmaids wear their hair a certain way, so touch base with her before deciding.

Bridesmaid assisting bride in getting ready
Bridesmaid assisting bride in getting ready

Consider Hair Length and Texture

Will an intricate braided updo look lovely on hair that hits just above your shoulders? Probably not. Choose a style that will realistically work with your hair length and texture. Short hair can still achieve pretty styles like a sleek pinned back look or fashionable pixie with fun accessories. Thick, curly hair may do best in loose styles rather than super smooth updos.

If you have fine, straight hair that won’t hold curls for long, opt for an easy updo or set it in large curlers/flexi rods the night before. Work with your hair type rather than against it for a style that lasts from getting ready photos through the final farewell sparkler exit.

Match Your Dress and Accessories

Aim for a hairstyle that complements the style and neckline of your bridesmaid dress. An off the shoulder dress looks fabulous with big, tumbling curls or waves and a middle part. Strapless sweetheart gowns pair nicely with a low messy bun, sleek high ponytail, or curly side pony.

For halter style dresses, a braided crown or twist accentuates the neckline beautifully. If your dress has a high neckline, keep hair soft and loose rather than severely pulled back. Hoop earrings, hair clips, pins, and other accessories should also play nicely together.

Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids

Updos, Buns, and Fancy Ponytails

Updos are a fantastic option for a formal wedding with floor length gowns. They look polished, elegant, and highlight your face beautifully. Low chignons, buns, French twists, and sleek high ponytails are all gorgeous ideas. Adding braids, twists, curls, and accessories personalizes these classic styles.

Half Up Styles

Half up-half down styles help keep hair out of your face while leaving sometumbling around your shoulders. This is ideal for medium length hair or if you still want to showcase gorgeous ombré or color treated locks. Accent the half up with a thin braid across the front or jeweled pins.

Textured Down-Dos

If you’re wearing a short dress, don’t be afraid to wear your hair down in soft waves or bombshell curls. Define your waves with sea salt spray for beachy texture with staying power. Set your look by backcombing the crown and spraying everything firmly in place. Adding a thin braided crown or headband keeps the style bridal.

Pretty Braids

Braided styles suit every season, hair length, and dress style. For short hair, braids woven across the front like a headband look gorgeous. For loose boho waves, a fishtail braid or lace braid integrated just above one ear blends beautifully. Updos, chignons, and ponytails all pair elegantly with braids. And nothing says bridesmaid like an ornate five-strand milkmaid side braid!

Trendy Yet Timeless

The biggest thing you want to avoid with bridesmaid hair is looking dated years later. Classic elegance never goes out of style. Avoid anything too over the top trendy in favor of chic twists on timeless sophistication. The best hairstyles allow your natural beauty to shine through rather than overshadowing you.

Test Styles and Products in Advance

Don’t save testing your hairstyle for the big day! Practice it a few times at home first and take pics from a few angles. Make sure it suits your dress, shows off your accessories, flatters your face shape, and holds up over several hours. This helps work out any kinks so it comes together smoothly day of.

It’s also smart to do a hair trial at the same time of day as the wedding. Lighting affects hair color and texture so you want to see how it looks then. Ask your stylist for product recommendations that provide hold without looking stiff or flaky. Purchase those in advance so they’re part of your test run.

Arm Your Stylist with Ideas and Photos

Create a Pinterest board or print photos to show your hairstylist exactly what you’re envisioning. Collect ideas that have elements you like rather than trying to duplicate a style outright. Give them inspiration then let your pro take it from there.

Explain the look you’re going for—romantic, sophisticated, boho chic or super sleek. Share important factors like your hair type and thickness, your headpiece and veil if wearing one, and your comfort level with hairspray and bobby pins. The more background you give, the better they can tailor the perfect updo or down do for you!

Prep Hair Properly Leading Up

Get a trim or dusting a month before the wedding to remove any split ends. Schedule a deep conditioning treatment the week before to boost shine and softness. Avoid any dramatic color changes or cuts close to the big day.

The night before, use dry shampoo at the roots if hair gets oily quickly. Ensure Volume Mouse or other volumizing products prep the hair so it holds styles better. Set your hair in flexible Velcro or satin-wrap rollers for big, bouncy curls or waves with longevity.

Assign Someone to Fix Flyaways and Frays

No matter how perfectly coiffed your hairstyle, pieces tend to make a break for it after hours of dancing and celebrating. Recruit one of your fellow bridesmaids to stand by with mini hairspray, bobby pins, and hair clips to minimize frizz and drooping throughout the day.

You can also pack travel sized hair products in your clutch to smooth flyaways or touch up curls yourself. Waterproof mascara helps defend against major wilting in humid conditions or happy wedding tears!

The Best Hairstyles for Each Wedding Season

Winter Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Low Chignons

Deep Side Parts and Loose Curls

3.feathery side bangs 5e9425184411424ab28e93da05ac20b2

Half Up Half Down Curls with Rhinestone Pins

Spring Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Fishtail and Waterfall Braids

Flower Crowns

Big Loose Waves

Summer Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Beachy Waves

Messy Buns

Braided Ponytails

Fall Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Full Bouncy Curls

Braided Updos

Hair Combs and Brooches

Sleek High Ponytails

I hope this guide full of tips, tricks, and gorgeous inspiration empowers you to feel confident and beautiful on your friend’s big day. With so many elegant options from updo to down dos, fancy braids to carefree crimped waves, you get to play bridal beauty queen for a day! Just remember to enjoy the journey getting there. The memories made while prepping with your besties before the craziness begins will stay in your heart long after the last bobby pin’s removed.

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