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How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

Portrait of surprised young cute woman applies lipstick keeps lips folded applies beauty patches und

Applying lipstick that lasts through a long day without needing to reapply can be a challenge. From eating and drinking to talking, laughing, and kissing, there are many things throughout the day that can cause lipstick to wear off or fade unevenly. However, with the right lipstick formula and application techniques, it is possible to get long-lasting color that looks freshly applied even after hours of wear.

How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

Here are tips and tricks to make lipstick stay put from morning ’til night:

Prep Your Lips

The key to long-wear lipstick is proper lip preparation before application. Start by gently exfoliating lips with a damp washcloth, toothbrush, or lip scrub to remove any dry, flaky skin. This ensures the lipstick glides evenly onto smooth lips. Next, moisturize with a hydrating lip balm or treatment. Let it soak in for 5-10 minutes before blotting away any excess. This provides a moisturized base so lipstick doesn’t cling to dry spots or emphasize fine lines.

Choose Transfer-Resistant Formulas

When shopping for a long-wearing lipstick, seek out transfer-resistant or matte formulas marketed specifically as 8+ hour or 24-hour color. These are typically more drying than creamy lipsticks, but contain polymers, silicones, and waxes that act like glue on the lips to prevent fading and feathering. Liquid lipsticks made with mattifying ingredients are also very transfer-resistant. Avoid glossy and sheer lipsticks if you want to prevent smudging and transfer onto cups, skin, etc.

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Apply Properly

The application process can make a huge difference in how long color stays true. Always start with clean, dry lips. Apply lip liner on the edges of your lips if desired to prevent feathering and bleeding. Glide on a single coat of lipstick directly from the bullet rather than layering on with a lip brush. Don’t rub your lips together to blend or mix the lipstick. Let it set for a minute or two before pressing your lips together to evenly distribute color. This helps it set up properly on lips. Apply a second coat if desired for more intense, saturated color.

Blot and Set With Powder

After the lipstick has dried for a few minutes, blot your lips with a tissue by pressing (not rubbing) it onto your lips to soak up any excess moisture or emollients. This removes the “slippery”agents without disturbing the color. While blotted, take a fluffy brush and dust on some translucent loose face powder or pressed powder, concentrating mostly on the inner parts of your lips. This mattifies and sets the lipstick while absorbing any oils. Repeat this blot and powder process twice more for extremely long wear. The powder creates a “dry seal” to lock in color all day.

Use Primers and Sealers

Under or over lipstick, products like primers and sealers boost longevity. Lip primers are applied after lip prep but before lipstick. The silicone-rich, gel-like formula smooths lips while allowing truer color payoff and preventing feathering.

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Lip sealers go on top, almost like hairspray for your lips. The clear formulas create a barrier to lock in moisture and color. They feel temporarily tacky, so let them dry before closing lips together. Both work to reinforce your lip color and prevent transfers or smearing.

Take Proper Care All Day

Once your lipstick is perfectly applied, you still need to be mindful of it throughout the day. Be careful when eating, drinking, smoking, etc. to minimize contact between your lips and cups, cutlery, cigarettes, etc. If possible, drink through a straw to avoid transferring color onto the rim of your glass. When eating, dab your lips with a napkin rather than rubbing them together. Reapply powder or sealer if needed after meals. Throughout the day, avoid licking or biting your lips. Use lip balm only when necessary and apply lightly with a brush rather than directly from the tube.

Do Touch Ups Strategically

No matter how perfectly you apply and care for your lipstick, touch ups will likely be needed after hours of wear. Keep lipstick with you for quick fixes rather than having to re-do your whole lip. Apply starting from the center of your lips outward. Use the bullet rather than a brush for smoother application. Follow with powder to blend the edges of the refreshed color. Choose a matching lip liner to outline lips if feathering becomes an issue. With the right formula and technique, you really can make lipstick last from the time you put it on in the morning until you take it off at night!

Portrait of surprised young cute woman applies lipstick keeps lips folded applies beauty patches und Hydrating Treatment for Lip Volume, Loss of Firmness & Fine Lines, with Squalane, Fragrance-free & Paraben-free
Portrait of surprised young cute woman applies lipstick keeps lips folded applies beauty patches und

Additional Tips for Extended Wear:

  • Avoid self-tanners, balms or products with oils/waxes before lipstick application as they can break down wear
  • Exfoliate lips 1-2 times a week to prevent peeling and flaky skin
  • Always remove long-wear lipstick thoroughly with makeup remover before bed
  • Drink plenty of water and use a daily lip treatment to counteract drying effects
  • Bring lipstick for quick touch ups after eating/drinking rather than full reapplication
  • Be gentle when removing lip color at the end of the day to avoid irritation

With the right prep, application techniques, and care, you really can get a perfect pout that powers through your day without fading or feathering away. Follow these tips on choosing the right lipstick formula, applying properly, blotting and setting, plus taking precautions and doing strategic touch ups. Your gorgeous lip look will stay flawless for 12, 16 or even 24 hours!

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