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Foodiaz App Review – Eliminating Food Waste


As someone who loves trying new recipes and cooking at home, I was excited to download the Foodiaz app to help expand my culinary horizons. This free app makes it easy to discover and save new recipes, plan meals, and create grocery lists.

The reason I am most excited to try this app is it gives you recipe suggestions based on ingredients you already have in your pantry. We end up wasting a lot of food because I’ll have leftover fresh produce or things I bought for a recipe we never ended up making. I know I’m not the only one!

After signing up for an account, I was impressed by Foodiaz’s huge database of recipes spanning all types of cuisines and diets. Browsing recipes is intuitive – you can search by keywords, filter by dietary needs like vegetarian or gluten-free, or select recipes based on cooking time. Each recipe is beautifully photographed and includes helpful details like prep time, cook time, number of servings, and difficulty rating.

When I find recipes I want to try, I can easily save them to my “Favorites” tab for later. This makes meal planning a breeze. I can select recipes from my Favorites to add to the Meal Planner calendar. The app then automatically generates a grocery list based on the ingredients needed for those meals, which I can access on my phone while shopping.

The first thing I did was add my pantry ingredients.

IMG 3403

The app then recommended recipes and told me how many ingredients I had to make that recipe. The rest, I added to my grocery list right in the app.

IMG 3404

I had everything I needed to make a recipe for French toast

IMG 3405

After cooking some of the recipes, I found the instructions clear and easy to follow. The app includes handy built-in timers and conversion tools too. If I want to tweak a recipe, I can copy it and make adjustments to create my own version.

IMG 3406

Overall, Foodiaz makes finding, organizing, and cooking new recipes an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to expand their cooking skills and try diverse cuisines. The recipes are reliably delicious, and the app’s features streamline meal planning and grocery shopping. It’s a fantastic resource for home cooks.

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