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Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Having short hair certainly has its advantages – it’s lower maintenance, flattering for most face shapes, and gives off an effortlessly cool vibe. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just letting your short locks hang limp and lifeless. With a little creativity and some smart styling tricks, you can take your short ‘do from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.

cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

If you’re in a hair rut and need some fresh inspiration for cute, easy hairstyles for short hair, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the most versatile and stylish ‘dos that will liven up your look while still keeping things low-key. From tousled waves to sleek and polished styles, prepare to fall in love with your short haircut all over again with these easy looks.

Tousled Waves

Enhance your hair’s natural texture by playing up soft, touchable waves. This low-maintenance style works for all hair types and lengths – even ultra-short pixie cuts can pull off this relaxed yet chic look. Just work a small dab of mousse or sea salt spray through damp hair and either air dry for a more piecey finish or blow dry with a diffuser for smoother waves. Scrunch and tousle with your fingers once dry to create that coveted “I woke up like this” vibe.

Low, Messy Bun

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need long hair to pull off an effortless bun. As long as you have at least a couple inches of length to work with, you can sweep your hair up into an adorably imperfect bun. Create a low, soft bun at the nape of your neck or higher on your crown, letting some short face-framing pieces fall loosely around your face. Keep it messy and don’t worry about stray strands or frizz – that’s what gives this look its signature relaxed charm.

Sleek and Straight

For a more polished style, blow dry or flat iron your hair straight and sleek. This simple look really lets your features shine and flatters most face shapes. Part your hair on the side or down the middle, then use a straightening serum or glossing cream to give it a high-shine, glassy finish. Try tucking one side behind your ear or sweeping your locks over one shoulder for a fun, asymmetrical twist.

Embellished Headbands

Take your basic short haircut to new stylish heights with embellished headbands and hair accessories. A thick velvet, jeweled, or patterned headband can instantly amp up a plain hairdo while keeping hair off your face. You can also try headbands or head wraps accented with pearls, sequins, or floral appliques for a boho-chic vibe. Get creative and mix and match different accessories for an eye-catching, personal look.

cute and easy hairstyles for short hair embelleshed headbands

Sleek High Pony or Top Knot

Make the most of what little length you have by pulling it straight up into a sleek high pony or top knot. Use a vent brush to gather and smooth hair up towards the crown, securing with a thin hair elastic or fabric hair tie. For a high pony, let any ends hang loose. For a top knot, wrap ends around the base and secure with a few bobby pins. Add a touch of hair gel or pomade to tame flyaways and give your updo a slick look.

Poor Little It Girl has a great tutorial!

top knot on short hair cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

Textured Pompadour

Short on the sides, long on top – the pompadour is an effortlessly stylish and modern cut that’s surprisingly versatile. Play up the volume at your crown by backcombing your longer top layers. Use a texture spray or dry shampoo to give your roots a lift and add grip so your pomp stays in place. Finish with a shine pomade or light hold hairspray to bring out your hair’s natural texture and piecy-ness.

textured pompador cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

Pin Curls and Finger Waves

For a vintage, glamorous vibe, try old Hollywood-inspired pin curls or finger waves. These retro styles work best on shorter hair and instantly elevate any look, whether you’re headed to a formal event or just want to kick things up a notch. Use a small barrel curling iron or wave clips to create sculpted waves and curls, then use a strong hold hairspray to set your undone updo in place.

Check out this tutorial from Off Beat Wed.

pin curls and finger waves cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

Glam Turban Headwrap

Step up your headwrap game by tying an eye-catching turban around your head for a fun pop of pattern and color. Turbans are extremely versatile – they can look boho-chic, sleek and elegant, or punchy and playful, depending on the fabric you choose. Additionally, a turban headpiece is a simple way to add drama to an otherwise basic outfit and style while still keeping your look low maintenance.

We LOVE the selection of styles at Head Glam.

Head Glam turban cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

Braided Hairstyles

Don’t think you can’t pull off braids just because you’ve got short hair! Braids can actually look super cool and modern in shorter styles, whether you opt for tight French or boxer braids or looser, lived-in plaits. Try braiding just the top section of hair or a peek-a-boo accent braid. You can also jazz up a plait by incorporating colorful ribbons or cords for a stylish finishing touch.

Half Up, Half Down

For an easy, flattering way to get hair off your face, try wearing half your hair up, half down. You can go for a cute half up top knot style or opt for a chic half up ponytail with some shorter face-framing pieces left down. Add a decorative clip, scrunchie, or hair accessory to dress up this simple look for a night out. It’s a great way to show off your short layers and get a little volume at the crown.

Spiky and Tousled

Short haircuts lend themselves perfectly to cool, piecey, and tousled spiky looks. Experiment with glossy pomades and molding pastes to create spikes and separation, or try a dry texture spray to achieve a more disheveled, matte finish. Wear your spikes smooth and sculpted for a polished feel or mussed up and messy for a rocker vibe. You can also incorporate highlights or bright, vibrant hues for added edge.

Hair Jewelry

It doesn’t get much easier than popping in a couple chic hair accessories – they instantly elevate a simple hairstyle. Try sprinkling in some metallic hair clips, decorative bobby pins, or celestial-inspired hair jewelry pieces like stars or moons to add some dimension and whimsy to your look. Play with placement and combinations of different accessories to create a style that’s uniquely your own.

cute and easy hairstyles for short hair

There you have it – easy and stylish ways to take your short hair from blah to wow in no time! From sleek, polished updos to edgy, tousled finishes, these looks prove that short hair can be just as chic and versatile as long locks. With a little creativity and some smart styling, you’ll have endless cute and fashionable options for elevating your short hair every single day.

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