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#Cozycardio is TikTok’s New Fitness Craze

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#Cozycardio is becoming a new and upcoming trend on TikTok, with a total of 7.5 million views and counting.

As many of us are persevering with workouts through the colder months, fitness experts at Lift Vault highlight a new way to lose weight from the comfort of your own home. 

Below, the Lift Vault team has highlighted exactly what ‘Cozy Cardio’ is, its benefits, and how to implement it into your everyday routine. 

What exactly is “Cozy Cardio”? 

Recently, TikTok creators launched a movement to change the way people approach working out.  

This relaxed yet efficient method of exercising is all about incorporating comfort and peace into a workout. 

Simply, Cozy Cardio is exercising from the comfort of your own home in a relaxing environment.  

Several TikTok users have demonstrated their cozy cardio setup, creating a relaxing environment with mood lighting, candles, and protein shakes and wearing comfy pajamas whilst walking on an Under Desk Treadmill in front of the television watching Netflix. 

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Image: Hope_zuckerbrow 

This trend isn’t just cardiovascular, as users are also lightweight training and conducting core workouts. 

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Image: kenz1000000 

What are the benefits? 

Kyle Risley, founder of Lift Vault says, 

“There are several benefits to this workout approach, particularly for those whose don’t feel extremely confident going to the gym or lack the motivation to physically go to the gym during the colder months. 

“Several users are challenging themselves to complete a cozy cardio session every day for 30 days. 

“This workout is generally sustainable, as it’s something you would generally want to do regularly. Therefore, common reasons to skip a workout such as time, weather or travel won’t impact a cozy cardio workout. 

“This can particularly a great solution for those who work in an office and are wanting get home and get cosy and wind down, whilst still burning calories. 

“If you are looking to substitute this kind of workout for a gym membership, this method will also save you money.” 

What are the results? 

“Walking on a treadmill for longer periods of time is also a form of cardiovascular endurance. Research supports that significant amounts of cardiovascular endurance can support a longer lifespan whilst improving quality of sleep and fighting illnesses. 

“Cardiovascular endurance also allows you to sustain a particular pace without overworking your heart. 

“A 20–30-minute walk at 4 miles per hour will burn around 100-150 calories, depending on the person’s weight. Whilst a 60-minute walk will burn over 300 calories. In theory, you could watch two episodes of your favourite Netflix series and burn nearly a whole meal! 

“Consistently keeping your body active is extremely important, along with the obvious things such as weight loss, improved sleep and heart health, cardio exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, as it releases endorphins which naturally boost your mood and improve overall mental health.” 

image 93491983041698139657195 1698139658

Image: Jennnoire 

How can I implement this trend into my everyday life? 

For those working a 9-5 in an office, cozy cardio may work much better after work, to wind down from your day and de-stress. 

For those who may work later shifts, starting your day with cozy cardio can also work well and be a great way to wake yourself up whilst not needing to kickstart your day drastically. 

You can choose a new Netflix series to watch from the beginning and every time you watch an episode, you complete some cozy cardio. This can be a great motivator whilst taking away the dread of having to exercise. 

Creating the perfect cosy set up is entirely down the personal preferences. Whether you prefer mood lighting, a lava lamp, scented candles or even indoor plants, you can incorporate elements that comfort you and make you feel happy and promote dopamine levels. 

Depending on your goals, if you are looking to achieve weight loss, continue to increase your time spent conducting cardio. Add an extra five minutes each day until you are at a comfortable duration and feel your fitness levels increase. 

If you are looking to strength train, incorporate some simple dumbbell exercises. “#at Home Dumbbell Workout” boasts 30.1 million views on TikTok, and there are several programs you can follow from the app

Safety precautions 

Kyle Risley, founder of Lift Vault says, 

“Because cozy cardio is so relaxed, there is the risk that people may forget they are working out and forgetting about safety. 

“During a standard cosy cardio workout, you will be burning 100 calories or more, therefore important to remember to drink water throughout. 

“Keep a bottle of water next to your walking pad on a stool and always remember to take regular pauses to hydrate. Try not to drink and walk, in case you lose your balance. 

“It is also important to clear all surrounding hazards, such as lose wires or plugs, side tables and any valuable ornaments. If you are to have an accident, this can minimise further damage.” 

For those looking for a home workout which is a little more intense and body build-focused, you could look at following Arnold Schwarzeneggers home workout. 

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