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Beauty Crush: WHISH Deodorant Gel


In the summer time, we tend to sweat more, so us girls go through more deodorant than in other seasons. However, the deodorant we purchase from the supermarkets and drugstores can cause us more harm than good. Many deodorant brands on the market contain a number of harmful chemicals, and we are open to using it on a daily basis, without much thought. This month I’ve stepped back from using harmful deodorants. Our skin is our most precious organ and I want to keep it as healthy as I can. This is where Whish Gel comes into the mix.

This month you can also make a huge difference to your skin with this beauty product. Stop reaching for a deodorant that contains harmful chemicals and reinvest in one that’s natural with organic ingredients. This gel is aluminum free, smells great, goes on smooth, and even reduces hair growth! It doesn’t get better than that.

Priced at $18, click here to visit the WHISH website to view more products and information.

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